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Possible leaks of data on additional 271 companies in cyberattack on NTT Communications

  • July 3, 2020
  • , Nikkei , p. 33
  • JMH Translation

NTT Communications announced on July 2 that there was a possibility that data on an additional 271 companies was leaked in a cyberattack on its internal server, first announced in May 2020. A follow-up investigation revealed the possible leak of data. NTT Communications had announced that there was the possibility of leaks on data on 621 companies at the end of May 2020. This new announcement brings the total number of companies whose data may have been leaked to 892.


It has already been determined that this cyberattack may have resulted in the leak of data on the Self-Defense Forces and Japan Coast Guard. NTT Communications says that “it will not reveal the names of the companies involved to maintain confidentiality.”


A follow-up investigation of unauthorized access through a foreign server, which had been confirmed earlier, revealed the possible leaks of data on 83 out of the 271 additional companies. The investigation newly revealed another instance of unauthorized access through an employee’s private terminal. Information of 188 companies may have been breached through the private terminal. NTT Communications acknowledges that there is overlap between the 83 and 188 companies, but it has not revealed the number of instances of overlap.


The unauthorized access from the employee’s private terminal was revealed on May 26. The attacker is thought have obtained unauthorized access to the employee’s ID and password. NTT Communications has suspended access to its internal server through private terminals from outside the office, including employees’ homes. The company also changed the passwords of all employees. An investigation of access history revealed that the attacker accessed the server some time after September 2019 by impersonating an employee.

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