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Multiple COVID-19 cases confirmed at Camp Hansen

  • July 10, 2020
  • , Okinawa Times, Ryukyu Shimpo
  • JMH Translation

Ryukyu Shimpo led with a report saying that the U.S. military announced on Thursday that several people at Camp Hansen have tested positive for COVID-19. The paper wrote that the Marines in Okinawa announced their policy of not disclosing information about new cases to the press in the future and that the prefectural government is planning to release the number of new cases at U.S. installations only after it has obtained approval from the U.S. military. The paper also wrote that the prefectural government suspects the novel coronavirus spread among U.S. military community members after they celebrated Independence Day on July 4.


Okinawa Times also front-paged a report on the Marines’ announcement of several COVID-19 cases at Camp Hansen, saying that the Marines and the prefectural government have decided not to disclose the number of cases at Camp Hansen and that concern is growing in base-hosting communities that the virus is spreading at U.S. bases in Okinawa.

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