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Japanese astronauts may travel to moon in latter half of 2020s

  • July 10, 2020
  • , All national papers , NHK
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NHK and all national dailies reported on a videoconference held this morning between Education Minister Hagiuda and NASA Administrator Bridenstine at which they digitally signed a joint document on drawing up a concrete action plan for Japan’s participation in NASA’s Artemis lunar exploration program. The envisaged plan will reportedly address such matters as the number of moon-bound Japanese astronauts, the joint development of lunar rovers, and the delivery of supplies to Gateway spacecraft by Japanese unmanned cargo vessels. The news outlets projected that Japanese astronauts may stay in the lunar Gateway or land on the moon as early as the latter half of the 2020s. Administrator Bridenstine was quoted as saying in the conference: “Japan is a wonderful partner in space exploration. A new show called lunar exploration is about to begin.” In reply, the Japanese minister said: “We expect that mutual cooperation in space will deepen further.”

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