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Japan to promote exports of digital technologies

  • July 9, 2020
  • English Press

The Japanese government has worked out the basic framework of a five-year strategy for actively promoting exports of digital technologies related to infrastructure.


The draft five-year plan from 2021 was worked out at a meeting of relevant cabinet ministers on Thursday.


Under the plan, Japan will step up efforts to export digital technologies needed to build and promote remote medicine and a remote work environment.


The new push comes as Japan sees the coronavirus pandemic increase demand for these technologies, in a bid to meet the dual challenge of preventing the spread of the virus and maintaining economic activities.


The new strategy will also set stricter criteria for exporting coal power generation technology, in response to international criticism of Japan’s export of coal power generation technology.


Japan will no longer provide assistance in building a coal power plant for a country that does not have a long-term plan for phasing out fossil fuel technology.


Japan will only offer assistance in introducing most advanced coal power plants with high energy efficiency if countries want them as part of their efforts to phase out fossil fuel technology.


The five-year strategy will also stipulate Japan needs to do more in diversifying the suppliers of industrial parts both at home and abroad. Japan has suffered from disruptions in supply chains due to the pandemic.

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