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Pepper spray used in training Japanese security guards at Yokosuka base

Asahi reported that it has learned from Japanese employees at Yokosuka Naval Base that pepper spray has been sprayed at Japanese security guards from a distance of 90 centimeters during training. They are reportedly required to take part in pepper spray qualification training in order to learn about its effects as part of their law enforcement certification. Some Japanese security guards are reportedly concerned about the potential adverse health effects of the training, which has been implemented on and off since around 2005. The paper quoted one of them as saying: “There are security guards who have underlying health problems…. This is power harassment.” According to the daily, a Japanese security guard was rushed to the hospital because he was hyperventilating after training in September 2005.  An unnamed base spokesperson explained that the training is necessary to obtain law enforcement certification, adding: “Japanese security guards need to undergo the same training as American security guards. The training will continue.”

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