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Okinawa leader holds talks with defense chief over COVID-19 outbreak on U.S. bases

  • July 15, 2020
  • , Okinawa Times digital
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Okinawa Times reported online that Okinawa Governor Tamaki met with Defense Minister Kono in Tokyo on Wednesday and exchanged views on the coronavirus outbreak at multiple U.S. military installations in the island prefecture. The governor reportedly pressed the cabinet minister to ensure that the U.S. military enforces thorough measures to prevent further infections. In reply, Kono reportedly stressed the importance of coordinating with Okinawa in dealing with the matter by saying: “We need to respond properly so as to assure people in Okinawa that infections that originated at U.S military facilities will not spread.” The governor told the press afterward: “We want him to say to the U.S. what has to be said while taking into account opinions of the governments of base-hosting municipalities.”

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