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Tokyo working to secure hotels for virus carriers

  • July 20, 2020
  • English Press

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is in talks with hotel operators to increase the number of guestrooms where people infected with the coronavirus, but with no or mild symptoms, can recuperate.


The metropolitan government started renting hotels for that purpose in April. At one time, it could accept more than 1,100 people at five hotels. But contracts with four of the facilities have expired or will expire at the end of this month.


Two hotels, with the combined capacity of roughly 200 people, recently began taking in virus carriers — one from May 1 and the other from July 16.


The Tokyo government says 136 people had been staying at the two hotels as of Sunday. It adds 362 others are recovering at home while another 613 are on the waiting list for hotel stays or hospitalizations.


The metropolitan government says it wants another hotel to start accepting infected people on Thursday.


A Tokyo government official says the number of hotel rooms available for virus carriers is now temporarily reduced as contracts with some hotels have ended or will end soon.


The official says the Tokyo government is trying to secure a sufficient number of hotel rooms, as the capital’s infection situation remains in the balance with the daily count of confirmed cases soaring this month.

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