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GOJ mulls categorizing regional infection situation in three stages

  • July 29, 2020
  • , NTV
  • JMH Summary

NTV reported at noon that according to a source, the GOJ is considering categorizing the COVID-19 infection situation of each region in three stages so that governors will be able to use these as benchmarks for taking such measures as requesting temporary business closures. The network said the GOJ will look at the number of hospitalized patients aged 60 or older, the number of seriously ill patients, and the occupancy rate of hospital beds in each region. According to the network, Level 1 will represent a situation where cases are increasing, Level 2 will represent a situation where multiple cluster infections are undermining the medical system, and Level 3 will represent a situation where a state of emergency needs to be declared. The network said this system will be proposed by experts and discussed at a meeting of the GOJ coronavirus taskforce advisory subcommittee slated for this Friday.

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