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LDP team’s revised proposal urges gov’t to consider attack capability

  • July 29, 2020
  • , Nikkei , p. 4
  • JMH Translation

On July 28, the missile defense project team of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) issued a revised outline of its draft proposal for Japan’s missile defense, which calls for enhanced deterrence capabilities. The revised outline also recommends the government to consider obtaining “attack capability,” citing the 1956 Diet interpellations of then prime minister Ichiro Hatoyama, who said that the capability to attack enemy missile bases is within the scope of self-defense.


On July 16, the team revealed an initial draft outline calling for enhanced deterrence, including measures to stop enemy’s missile attacks inside the enemy’s territory, effectively proposing that Japan obtain the capability to attack enemy bases. In addition, the team pointed out the need for “comprehensive missile air defense” to continuously protect Japan’s entire territory. 


After the meeting on July 28, former Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya said to the press, “Attacking enemy bases will be only allowed as an exception, when there is no other option,” and added, “I told others (during the meeting) that I will oppose such a move if it is not within the absolute constitutional limit defined by Hatoyama.”


The proposal also recommends that the government study measures to protect Japanese citizens, including building shelters.


The LDP team members will meet again on July 29 to write up a detailed draft proposal and likely deliver it to the government in early August, so that the proposal will be reflected in the National Security Council’s discussion. (Abridged)

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