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Number of new COVID-19 cases hits another record high on last day of July

  • August 1, 2020
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The Saturday editions of all national dailies reported that a total of 1,571 people tested positive for the novel coronavirus across the nation on Friday, including 463 in Tokyo, 193 in Aichi, and 170 in Fukuoka, all record highs. Five other prefectures, including Okinawa, also marked record highs. The total number of cases in July nationwide was about 17,600, 40% higher than that the number marked in April when the nation was under a state of emergency. Nearly 6,500 of the patients confirmed in July were Tokyoites. The number of new patients per week tripled in the last week of July in Aichi, while that in Osaka and Hyogo doubled.

Increased testing is one reason for the high number of cases confirmed. The total number of tests conducted in Tokyo last month was almost 10 times higher than in April. However, the number of people who died of the infectious disease across Japan in July was 39, marking a sharp drop from 422 in April.


According to data compiled by Mainichi, the virus appears to be spreading rapidly across the country because the total caseload in July exceeded the number of cases in the first six months of the year in 21 prefectures, including not only Tokyo, Osaka, and Aichi, but also Kagoshima, Miyazaki, and Nagasaki. The prefectural governments of Okinawa and Gifu declared a state of emergency on Friday on account of a spike in infections there. The dailies projected that it will probably be difficult to flatten the epidemic curve without drastically restricting people’s movements .


The number of new cases nationwide were 1,572 on Saturday and 1,333 on Sunday, topping 1,000 for five consecutive days. The caseloads in Tokyo (472), Saitama (74), Chiba (73), and five other prefectures set record highs on Saturday, while those in Miyazaki (30), Nagasaki (23), and Mie (12) marked record highs on Sunday. A total of 292 Tokyoites tested positive on Sunday. The number of new patients per 100,000 people in Okinawa during the week ending on Aug. 1 reached 18.33, the highest among the 47 prefectures. According to Monday’s Nikkei, health authorities nationwide have been unable to identify the transmission routes of almost half of new patients lately, and the percentage of cases in Tokyo caused by family transmission has recently exceeded that of caused by transmission at nightspots recently.

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