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Interview: Japan may add punishments to virus response measures

  • August 1, 2020
  • , Jiji Press , 5:08 p.m.
  • English Press

Tokyo, Aug. 1 (Jiji Press)–Japan may introduce orders and punishments for businesses that fail to meet business suspension requests as part of a revision to a special measures law to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, economic revitalization minister Yasutoshi Nishimura has said.


Nishimura said he is in talks with the Cabinet Legislation Bureau over the possible revision.


“There are things that should be rushed, and there are things that should be discussed calmly,” Nishimura said in a recent interview. “The special measures law should be used in other ways (such as when other infectious diseases spread in the future), and it should be considered calmly.”


“We will swiftly consider including business suspension orders and penalties” in the possible law revision, the minister said.


Nishimura suggested that the provision of compensation to businesses that comply with suspension requests will not be included in the law, as it is technically difficult and many countries around the world are not doing so.

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