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  • August 4, 2020
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NHK and NTV gave top play to reports on the situation in Kumamoto one month after the prefecture was hit by record rainfall that claimed 65 lives. TBS led with a report that the number of people at nightlife districts in Tokyo decreased on Monday night as Tokyo began requesting pubs and karaoke bars to shorten their operating hours and close at 10 p.m. Fuji TV gave top coverage to a report that the occupancy rate of hospital beds has reached 146.6% in Okinawa, saying that 211 COVID-19 patients have no choice but to stay home. The network said although Okinawa secured a hotel in Naha to accommodate COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms from today, there is a shortage of staff and medical practitioners to attend to such patients. TV Asahi led with the hot weather across Japan today.

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