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LDP calls for GOJ to obtain the capability to strike enemy bases

  • August 5, 2020
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All national dailies wrote that the ruling LDP submitted to the Abe administration yesterday a set of recommendations on national defense, calling for the GOJ to consider the “possession of the capability to forestall ballistic missiles even in the enemy’s territory.” The ruling party reportedly did not use the term “capability to strike enemy bases” to avoid leading the public and the nation’s neighbors to mistakenly believe that Japan is aiming to acquire the capability to launch preemptive strikes. Prime Minister Abe reportedly expressed enthusiasm for the proposal by telling LDP lawmakers, who submitted the recommendations, that he is hoping to “set a new direction without fail and implement it swiftly.” The administration reportedly plans to accelerate discussions at the National Security Council with the goal of including the capability in the National Security Strategy to be updated in December. Mainichi conjectured that the administration may put forward the “new direction” as early as the end of September.


Asahi speculated that Abe is eager to allow the SDF to acquire such a capability in a bid to create a legacy ahead of his anticipated retirement next fall and deflect criticism that he failed to deliver on his pledge to deploy Aegis Ashore batteries. The paper added that it may not be easy for him to move forward with acquiring missiles to strike enemy bases, which the daily noted would mark a major shift in the nation’s defense posture, since his public approval has dropped and the junior ruling partner Komeito remains opposed.

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