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  • August 19, 2020
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NHK gave top coverage to a report that the temperature is expected to exceed 35 degrees Celsius in many parts of Japan again today. The network also said 79 people have died of heatstroke in Tokyo this month, noting that more than 80% of them were not using air conditioners. NTV led with a report that 207 new COVID-19 cases were reported and 193 people were admitted to the hospital due to heatstroke in Tokyo on Tuesday. Fuji TV reported that the number of seriously ill patients in Osaka surged from 4 on July 18 to 65 yesterday, more than double the number in Tokyo. TBS led with a report on the danger of playing and swimming in rivers. TV Asahi reported on an increase in young people playing with fireworks in dangerous ways amid the cancellation of major firework events due to the coronavirus outbreak.


Major front-page items in national papers included a U.S.-Japan plan to roll out a network of small satellites to detect and trace new types of missiles under development by China, Russia, and North Korea (Nikkei), the start of the U.S. Democratic National Convention (Sankei/Mainichi/Yomiuri), and a G7 health ministers’ plan for reforming the WHO (Yomiuri).

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