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Abe to resume official duties today following health checkup

  • August 19, 2020
  • , All national papers
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All national papers wrote that Prime Minister Abe spent a full day at home yesterday to rest, noting that he is expected to resume his official duties today following a three-day summer vacation that included a visit to Keio University Hospital on Monday for a medical checkup. With regard to his almost eight-hour stay at the hospital, a source close to the premier reportedly said he underwent a medical examination to make sure he is fully prepared to return to work. According to Yomiuri, Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga said on a TV program last night: “I’ve been telling the prime minister to rest more…. Speculation is rife about his health condition because he went to a hospital, but the appointment was made a long time ago. The prime minister is eager to take the initiative” when he returns to work. Mainichi wrote that in addition to Suga, Finance Minister Aso and LDP Tax Commission chief Amari have also disclosed that they had strongly recommended that Abe take some time off, emphasizing that as the trio is very close to the premier, their unanimous advice reflects that Abe is probably “exhausted.”

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