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U.S., Japan to develop network of satellites to detect enemy missiles 

Nikkei wrote that the U.S. and Japan plan to jointly roll out a network of small satellites with the goal of detecting and tracking new missiles being developed by China, Russia, and North Korea. The U.S. is reportedly set to deploy some 200 small satellites equipped with infrared sensors to detect enemy missiles at altitudes of 300 to 1,000 km, instead of around 36,000 km where conventional missile tracking satellites operate, in order to counter hypersonic missiles or missiles that maneuver during flight to evade interceptors. Japan is expected to assist with the development of sensors and miniaturization of satellites. Tokyo may also take on some of the cost of setting up the missile defense network using small satellites. The U.S. is reportedly planning to launch an initial network of some 20 satellites beginning in 2022.   

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