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Fukuoka forbids cruise ships until vaccine or cure

  • August 18, 2020
  • English Press

Fukuoka City, the operator of the key western Japanese port of Hakata, has drawn up a policy that rejects port calls by cruise ships until an effective treatment or vaccine for COVID-19 is established.


The policy is based on an ordinance on port operation and has been in effect since June.


It says the city will not permit port calls by cruise ships which have docked at countries or territories where there have been infections or are carrying people from such places.


It says the city will allow port calls if vaccines are approved in Japan and become available at medical institutions, or if an effective treatment method is established.


The transport ministry says Hakata Port received the most cruise ships for four straight years through 2018 and preliminary reports from 2019 rank it second after Naha Port in Okinawa Prefecture.


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