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Peace museum commemorating WWII kamikaze pilots partners with U.S. memorial museum

Chiran Peace Museum (Minamikyushu City, Kagoshima Prefecture) has formed a sister museum partnership agreement with the Battleship Missouri Memorial (Hawaii, U.S.). A signing ceremony was held online on Aug. 15. The ceremony was originally scheduled to be held in Hawaii in April, but it was postponed due to the spread of COVID-19 and was held online in the end. The Chiran museum exhibits the suicide notes and other articles of kamikaze pilots and others who fought and died in “special attacks” in the final days of the Pacific War.


The two museums have been in engaged in exchange programs since 2015, including holding joint exhibitions. “It is of great significance that archival museums of formerly hostile countries are working together, overcoming differences in position and viewpoint,” said curator Katsuhiro Asakuma of the Chiran museum.


Minamikyushu City Mayor Hiroyuki Nuruki and Battleship Missouri Memorial Vice President and COO Paul Dyson participated in the signing ceremony alongside Asakuma. (Abridged)

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