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Biden presidency would have both merits and demerits for Japan

  • August 20, 2020
  • , Sankei
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Sankei reported on Japan’s reaction to the U.S. Democratic Party’s official nomination of former Vice President Biden as its presidential nominee, saying that the GOJ believes that the U.S.-Japan alliance will remain the cornerstone of Japanese diplomacy regardless of who wins the November race. The daily said although Japan and other U.S. allies have been rattled by President Trump’s “America First” approach, Biden’s diplomacy would not be unpredictable since he is an “internationalist.” The article said some GOJ officials are wary of the prospect of a Biden presidency because it is uncertain whether Japan would be able to maintain its profile in the international community, which it claimed has risen because of the strong bonds that President Trump has forged with Prime Minister Abe. While noting that both President Trump and Biden have adopted a tough stance toward China, the daily projected that the former Vice President, if elected, might be tempted to take a conciliatory approach toward Beijing. An unnamed senior MOFA official said: “U.S. policy toward China will not change drastically as long as China’s behavior remains the same.”

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