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Schedule of major political events

  • August 25, 2020
  • , Sankei , p. 1
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Schedule of major political events

Sept. 8

Toshihiro Nikai becomes the longest-serving LDP secretary-general.


CDPJ and DPFP launch a new party?


Cabinet reshuffle and revamp of LDP leadership team?

End of September

Gov’t discloses a course of action for Aegis Ashore alternatives and capability to attack enemy bases.

Sept. 30

Deadline for the 2021 budgetary request


Extraordinary Diet session?

Nov. 3

U.S. presidential election


Group of Seven summit in the U.S.?

Late December

Revision of the National Security Strategy

Cabinet approves budget for fiscal 2021.



Ordinary Diet session

Late March

Passage of the 2021 budget?

July 22

Tokyo metropolitan assembly members’ term to expire.

July 23

Tokyo Olympic Games begin.

Sept. 5

Tokyo Paralympic Games end.


LDP presidential election?

Sept. 30

Prime Minister Abe’s term of LDP president ends.

Oct. 21

House of Representatives members’ terms expire.

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