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Japan to host intl. online environment meeting

Japan’s government says it will host an international online conference on climate change next month to keep up with the issue during the coronavirus pandemic.


Countries were supposed to discuss the issue at the United Nations COP26 climate change conference in November. But the event has been postponed by one year.


The Japanese government proposed that a ministerial-level meeting be held online, as fears are rising over the delay in environmental actions. Participants are expected to discuss how to balance efforts to address the issue against activities to revive the economy damaged by the pandemic.


The online meeting will be held on September 3, with delegates from about 60 countries and territories taking part.


Panel discussions will also be held with representatives from businesses and college students. In conclusion, participants are expected to issue a joint statement.


Japan’s Environment Minister Koizumi Shinjiro will chair the conference. He told reporters that although the pandemic has created a different situation in each country, they should not forget about climate change. He added that he wants to see the participants share what they know about the pandemic and increase momentum to address the issue.

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