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GOJ may remove designation of COVID-19 as Category II disease 

  • August 27, 2020
  • , Asahi
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Asahi reported that the GOJ is looking into whether the current classification of COVID-19 as a Category II Infectious Disease is appropriate. The classification allows the government to take strict measures to prevent infection, such as forcing patients to stay in the hospital and limiting their use of public transportation. As many COVID-19 patients experience mild or no symptoms, calls have emerged among some doctors and public health experts to review the present classification in the belief that it might be imposing unnecessary strain on the healthcare system. Some GOJ officials are also reportedly eager to downgrade COVID-19 in order to jumpstart the moribund economy. The daily added that epidemiologists and other specialists are cautious about the proposed reclassification out of fear that it could cause the virus to spread further.   

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