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Suga to announce intention to run for LDP president on Wednesday

NHK reported that Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga has decided to hold a press conference tomorrow to officially announce that he will run for LDP president. The network said support for Suga is growing, as the Hosoda faction—the largest faction in the LDP—has now decided to support Suga in addition to the second largest Aso faction and the fourth largest Nikai faction. A group of unaffiliated lawmakers is also reportedly expected to support Suga. The network said that during his press conference Suga will likely stress the need to continue Abe’s policies and make an all-out effort to deal with the new coronavirus in light of the fact that he has supported the Abe administration for the past seven years and eight months.


The network later reported that LDP Policy Research Council Chairman Kishida officially announced his candidacy this afternoon.

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