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Ishiba, Kishida announce candidacy for LDP president 

  • September 2, 2020
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All national dailies wrote that former LDP Secretary General Ishiba and Policy Research Council Chairman Kishida expressed on Tuesday their intentions to run for LDP president. Defense Minister Kono has reportedly decided not to run in the party leadership election this time. The papers wrote that although Cabinet Secretary Suga has not yet announced his candidacy, he has already garnered support from five of the seven LDP factions and is in the lead. He is expected to announce his intention to run today. 


Nikkei wrote that although Suga would likely continue the “Abenomics” economic stimulus policy if he were to win the election, Ishiba and Kishida are stressing that the policy should be amended. Ishiba said at a news conference on Tuesday that although Abenomics achieved a number of results, it did not raise individual incomes. Kishida told reporters on Tuesday that although Abenomics accomplished a great deal, the benefits of economic growth have not reached the middle class or small and medium-sized enterprises. The paper also wrote that while all three lawmakers support the current monetary easing policy, they have different views about fiscal discipline. Suga is interested in spending reform, while Ishiba has mentioned the possibility of reducing the consumption tax to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and Kishida has stressed the need for fiscal reconstruction and expressed caution toward the idea of cutting the consumption tax.  

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