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Rank-and-file party members to be excluded from LDP presidential election  

  • September 2, 2020
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All national dailies led with reports on the decision made at an LDP General Council meeting on Tuesday to hold a leadership election without the participation of rank-and-file party members. The party normally elects its leader at a convention involving all party members, but the party’s rules state that its president can also be elected in a simplified format involving only the party’s lawmakers and three representatives of each of the 47 prefectural chapters in emergency situations. The party unanimously approved the simplified format after a two-hour discussion based on the view that the election needs to be held as soon as possible to cope with urgent issues related to the coronavirus pandemic. The election is expected to be scheduled for Sept. 14 with the official campaign period starting on Sept. 8. 


The papers also wrote that as many as 145 young and mid-ranking lawmakers, including Environment Minister Koizumi, have submitted a petition saying the party should hold a full-scale election to reflect the views of rank-and file members. In response, the party decided to ask each prefectural chapter to hold preliminary votes to gauge the views of the rank-and-file members. Yomiuri wrote that the LDP has no clear rules on how the results of preliminary votes should be reflected in the party presidential election.  

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