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Suga to officially announce candidacy for LDP leader in late afternoon

  • September 2, 2020
  • , All TV networks
  • JMH Summary

All networks reported at noon that Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga is expected to hold a press conference in the late afternoon to officially announce his candidacy for the LDP presidency. The networks also reported that the LDP is expected to decide at an ad hoc meeting of its General Council this afternoon to begin the official campaign for the LDP presidential race on Sept. 8 and hold the election on Sept. 14. Fuji TV reported that Suga is expected to emphasize continuity in COVID-19 measures and the economic, foreign, and security policies under the Abe cabinet, while both Ishiba and Kishida will have no choice but to adopt strategies that promote policies that differ from those of the Abe administration. Noting that Suga now has the backing of five of the LDP’s seven factions, the network said support for him is likely to intensify. The network added that the chairmen of the Hosoda, Aso, and Takeshita factions are expected to hold a joint press conference after Suga’s announcement to express their support for him.

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