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Suga announces candidacy for LDP president

  • September 3, 2020
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All national dailies reported on Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga’s formal announcement on Wednesday that he will run in the LDP presidential election to succeed Prime Minister Abe. During a news conference, Suga stated that if he is elected to lead the party and country, he will do everything he can to uphold and move forward with the Abe administration’s economic, diplomatic, and security policies, including “Abenomics” and measures to combat the coronavirus. Suga also pledged to do whatever is necessary to prevent COVID-19 from spreading further while putting the economy on a recovery track.

The leaders of the Hosoda, Takeshita, and Aso factions stressed at a joint press conference on Wednesday that their groups have decided to support Suga because his crisis management and policy implementation skills are necessary in an emergency like the coronavirus pandemic. The papers wrote that Suga has apparently garnered as many as 264 votes, or about 70%, of the 394 votes held by all LDP lawmakers, as five of the seven LDP factions are supporting him. Sankei speculated that former LDP Secretary General Ishiba and LDP Policy Research Council Chairman Kishida, who will compete with Suga in the LDP leadership race, are eager to gain as many votes as possible to demonstrate their presence as promising future candidates.

The papers also wrote that the LDP formally decided on Wednesday to begin the official campaign for the presidential race on Sept. 8 and hold the election on Sept. 14, and the ruling coalition agreed on Wednesday to convene an extraordinary Diet session on Sept. 16-18 to designate a successor to Prime Minister Abe on Sept. 16.

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