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Poll finds Suga most popular among three contenders for LDP president 

  • September 4, 2020
  • , Asahi
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Asahi front-paged the results of its public opinion survey that showed about 38% thought Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga should be the next Japanese prime minister, followed by former Secretary General Ishiba (25%) and former Foreign Minister Kishida (5%). Some 28% said none of them are qualified to lead the nation. In a poll conducted in June, 31% reportedly chose Ishiba, while only 3% preferred Suga. Approximately 45% of respondents in the latest survey said the next Japanese premier should continue the Abe administration’s policies, while 42% felt otherwise. Almost 60% of those who felt Abe’s policies should be continued supported Suga, compared with 13% for Ishiba, while 37% of those who did not think Abe’s policies should be continued supported Ishiba, as opposed 17% for Suga.  


According to the pollster, seven out of ten respondents favorably view the Abe administration’s record. They reportedly gave high marks to his diplomacy. However, only 41% said Abe “exercised leadership” in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak, with almost half of respondents saying he failed to do so.   

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