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Germany cautious about developing new patrol plane jointly with Japan

  • September 9, 2020
  • , Jiji
  • JMH Summary

Jiji reported from Berlin that the German government has become increasingly hesitant about moving forward with the proposed joint development of a patrol plane with France and Japan out of concern that it may take more than five years for Japan’s P-1, which has been regarded as a prototype for the new model, to obtain a “type certificate.” According to the article, the German government decided to stop using the present Lockheed Martin P-3C in 2025 for cost reasons and is concerned that the Japanese aircraft will not have its type certificate in time for the P-3C retirement. The news agency speculated that Germany may choose the Boeing P-8 or another patrol plane instead, adding that Japan has already failed to market the P-1 to the UK and New Zealand, which decided to procure the P-8.

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