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AstraZeneca halts clinical trials of coronavirus vaccine  

  • September 10, 2020
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All national dailies wrote that British pharmaceutical manufacturer AstraZeneca announced on Wednesday that it had temporarily halted clinical trials of its COVID-19 vaccine to allow an independent committee to conduct a review of safety data. The company said it paused the late-stage trials of the vaccine after a participant in the UK showed a potentially adverse reaction. The vaccine is being developed by researchers from the company and the University of Oxford, and trials had been underway in such countries as Japan, the UK, Brazil, and South Africa. The trial in Japan, which involves about 250 people aged 18 or older, began late last month. AstraZeneca has agreed to supply Japan with one million doses of its vaccine from early next year. Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga told reporters on Wednesday that the Health Ministry has confirmed that the company has temporarily put on hold its trials in Japan and elsewhere. The papers wrote that although countries are rushing to develop COVID-19 vaccines, experts are voicing concern about the unprecedented speed of development. Asahi wrote that there are views within the GOJ that vaccines are very important for maintaining economic activities while responding to the virus outbreak and hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo next year.  

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