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Doctors’ warnings about COVID-19 taken more seriously than others’

  • September 10, 2020
  • , Asahi
  • JMH Summary

Asahi reported online on the results of a nationwide survey conducted by a team of University of Tokyo researchers regarding people’s behavior during the first wave of the coronavirus outbreak in the spring. The team reportedly discovered that the respondents took warnings about the disease and requests for avoiding outings from doctors in the field more seriously than those from prefectural governors, epidemiologists, infected patients, and people from foreign countries hit hard by the pandemic. A health communication expert in the group explained that people tend to heed advice from physicians out of respect for their professional dedication and hands-on experience treating patients with severe symptoms. The academic underscored the importance of tapping doctors to convey messages about the coronavirus if the central and prefectural governments want people to refrain from nonessential travel during possible third or fourth waves of the disease.

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