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Three LDP presidential candidates discuss domestic and foreign policy  

  • September 13, 2020
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The Sunday editions of all national dailies reported extensively on a debate among the three LDP presidential candidates—Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga, Policy Research Council Chairman Kishida, and former Secretary General Ishiba—held at the Japan National Press Club on Saturday ahead of today’s election. 


The papers wrote that Suga, the strong favorite, stressed that he will make utmost efforts to revitalize the Japanese economy as it has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak, saying the people have strong expectations for the government to restore the economy.  


The papers quoted Suga as saying that the U.S.-Japan alliance is the foundation of Japan’s diplomacy and that he will strategically develop relations with China and South Korea. When asked by a journalist about his foreign policy, Suga said he sat in on most of the teleconferences between the U.S. and Japanese leaders and was involved in all the important diplomatic decisions made during the seven years and eight months he served as chief cabinet secretary. Suga responded sharply to the journalist’s comment that sitting in on leaders’ meetings is different from actually participating in them. Suga praised Prime Minister Abe’s diplomatic style in which the Kantei took the lead in foreign relations instead of bureaucrats, but added that he will conduct diplomacy in his own way. He also said diplomacy will be conducted not just by the foreign minister but by the government as a whole and he will receive reports from the Foreign Ministry and consult with Abe on foreign affairs.  


Asahi and Mainichi quoted Suga as saying it is necessary to proceed with the FRF construction at Henoko in view of the need to remove the danger at MCAS Futenma.  

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