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Bob Woodward’s new book says U.S. military mulled nuclear option against DPRK

NHK, NTV, and TBS reported at noon that a new book written by prominent American journalist Bob Woodward that went on sale today points to the possibility that the U.S. military considered the option of striking North Korea with as many as 80 nuclear weapons in 2017 when the North was repeatedly launching missiles. The book, which is based on Woodward’s 18 interviews with President Trump, claims that although then-Secretary of Defense Mattis did not think the President would launch a preemptive strike on North Korea, the U.S. military was carefully studying an operational plan for transforming the North Korean regime, and points out that a U.S. retaliatory attack might have involved the use of 80 nuclear weapons. The network said while the U.S. military usually discusses a wide range of options when considering operational plans, Woodward did not mention how concrete the plan was for a nuclear option. The network added that the book is causing a stir, with the South Korean media reporting this is the first time for a U.S. military operational plan involving the use of 80 nuclear weapons to be revealed.

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