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China, South Korea, other nations congratulate Suga on inauguration of cabinet

All national dallies reported on foreign nations’ reactions to the launch of the Suga cabinet. Chinese leader Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message to Suga on Wednesday saying that stable relations between Japan and China benefit the people of both countries and that Beijing hopes to promote the construction of a relationship that is suitable for the new era. However, Sankei wrote that when asked at a press briefing on Wednesday about Beijing’s response to the appointment as defense minister of Nobuo Kishi, who has close relations with Taiwan, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said China hopes Japan will respect the mainland’s “one China” policy and avoid any formal exchanges with Taiwan. Nikkei speculated that Beijing is closely watching to see how the Suga administration will handle the plan for Xi to visit Japan as a state guest because such a visit would hold the key to improving China’s relations with Japan amid its deteriorating relations with the United States.


South Korean President Moon also sent a congratulatory message to Suga, saying he hopes to improve ties with Japan under the leadership of Suga. Russian President Putin reportedly said in a message to Suga that he is ready to cooperate constructively with Japan on urgent bilateral and international issues. Such other foreign leaders as German Chancellor Merkel, British Prime Minister Johnson, Indian Prime Minister Modi, and Turkish President Erdogan also issued congratulatory messages via government statements or Twitter.

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