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Suga tasks Kono with ending bureaucratic sectionalism

Fuji TV reported that Prime Minister Suga, who has made administrative and regulatory reform a centerpiece of his new administration, has tasked Administrative Reform Minister Kono with setting up a new system to gather views and information on the negative impact of vertically divided government administration. Suga reportedly told his aides that “Kasumigaseki must be quaking with fear.” Kono reportedly told the press this morning that the new system “has in a sense already started because different people are saying different things.” The network said Suga’s idea stems from his experience as chief cabinet secretary of speeding up the process of exporting Wagyu beef after he received a call from an agency claiming that the process was taking too long because Wagyu beef was under the administration of both the Health Ministry and the Agriculture Ministry. Suga was reportedly able to speed up the process by strengthening the authority of the Agriculture Ministry. The network reported that Kono indicated that he will use social media to glean information from the public. According to the network, Suga reportedly expressed enthusiasm for administrative reform by telling his aides: “I want any bottlenecks within the administration to be identified and to receive a report every month.” 

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