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Economic challenges faced by Suga cabinet

Economic challenges faced by Suga cabinet

Economic diplomacy

Signing the RCEP agreement within the year.

Responding to U.S.-China conflict in the high-tech sector.

Tightening export controls for South Korea.

Small businesses

Taking measures for businesses hit by the new coronavirus.

Tackling the aging of business owners, ensuring business succession and restructuring businesses.


Suspending or shutting down coal-fired power stations, increasing the use renewable energy, and restarting nuclear power plants.

Deciding how to dispose of treated water from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

Discussing the location of a final disposal facility for nuclear waste.


Reviving domestic tourism.

Working toward the goal of increasing foreign visitors to Japan to 60 million in 2030.


Resolving the labor shortage.

Incorporating IT into agriculture.

Expanding exports of farm products.


Lowering mobile phone fees.

Spreading the high-speed, multiple-access 5G mobile network.

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