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Polls show majority of public welcomes launch of Suga administration 

  • September 18, 2020
  • , Asahi, Mainichi, Nikkei
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Nikkei, Asahi, and Mainichi front-paged the results of their public opinion polls on the launch of the Suga administration, all pointing to strong support for the new prime minister. Nikkei put support for the Suga cabinet at 74%, which was the third highest rating for a new prime minister following 80% for the Koizumi cabinet in 2001 and 75% for the Hatoyama cabinet in 2009. The corresponding figure for the second Abe administration in 2012 was 62%. Some 46% cited trust in Suga’s character as the reason for their support, followed by confidence in the new cabinet’s stability.  


Only 17% disapproved of the new cabinet, with 48% of them citing distrust of the LDP as the reason. Support was stronger among women than men, at 77% to 72%. According to the business daily, the public was apparently negative toward the proposed dissolution of the Lower House for a snap election this year, with only 19% supporting such an idea. Almost 60% said the next general election should be held in early autumn next year. 


Asahi put support for the Suga administration at 65% and nonsupport at 13%. As some 58% welcomed the fact that the new premier retained more than half of the cabinet members of the Abe administration, the daily speculated that the public probably has high expectations for Suga to continue his predecessor’s policy course. Asked which party they would vote for in proportional representation if the general election were to be held today, 48% chose the LDP, up 13 points from July, while 12% opted for the new Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, down 1 point.  


According to Mainichi, some 64% approved of the Suga cabinet, while 27% disapproved of it. About 35% cited their expectations for the new cabinet’s policies as the reason for their support, followed by the new cabinet’s stance of maintaining the Abe administration’s policy track (30%).   

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