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MOD to establish new electronic warfare unit in Okinawa  

  • September 21, 2020
  • , Asahi, Sankei
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Monday’s Asahi front-paged a report that it learned from several GOJ sources that the Ministry of Defense has begun considering establishing a new electronic warfare unit in Okinawa that would be responsible for using electromagnetic waves to prevent enemy attacks. The paper said the new unit is deemed necessary as the PLA has been actively collecting information on the SDF’s electromagnetic waves used for communication and radars and infrared waves necessary for guiding missiles. According to the daily, a new unit is expected to be established at the SDF’s camp in Kumamoto next spring and another one on the main island of Okinawa as part of the SDF’s shifting of personnel to the Nansei islands. Meanwhile, Sankei reported on Monday that the MOD has decided to set up a new unit at the GSDF’s Camp Asaka in Tokyo by the end of the next fiscal year in addition to the ones in Hokkaido and Kumamoto. 


Meanwhile, today’s Sankei reported that the Defense Ministry plans to launch by the end of FY2021 a unit within the SDF tasked with providing selected personnel with intensive training in cyberwarfare, explaining that the ministry is keen to nurture “top guns” in the field who are knowledgeable about intelligence collection and analysis to detect and deter cyberattacks and safeguard SDF telecommunications networks from online terrorism. The ministry may tap private sector experts to train such personnel.   

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