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Suga, Merkel confirm bilateral coordination on COVID-19

The Wednesday editions of all national dailies took up a teleconference held yesterday between Prime Minister Suga and his German counterpart Merkel at which they agreed to cooperate closely to realize a “free and open” Indo-Pacific region and combat the novel coronavirus. The Japanese leader separately spoke by phone with EU President Michel on the same day and confirmed mutual collaboration in dealing with regional issues, such as the rise of China.


In a related story, today’s Sankei wrote that Foreign Minister Motegi is likely to visit Germany, France, and an unspecified European country in late September to discuss a range of issues, including China’s maritime advancement and the coronavirus pandemic. The Japanese official is reportedly hoping to affirm mutual cooperation to make the Indo-Pacific region “free and open” by upholding such principles as the rule of law and freedom of navigation. The daily added that the trip could be postponed at the last minute in view of the resurgence of COVID-19 in Europe.

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