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Cabinet support rates in media outlet opinion polls differ depending on whether poll asks follow-up question

The support rate for the Suga cabinet was high in all opinion polls conducted by media outlets following the launch of the new cabinet. The Yomiuri Shimbun and Nikkei polls recorded a cabinet support rate in the 70% range, while the Asahi Shimbun, Kyodo News, and Mainichi Shimbun polls found the cabinet support rate to be in the 60% range.


The difference in the cabinet support rates between the Yomiuri and Nikkei polls and the polls conducted by the other three outlets is thought to be the result of differences in the way the question on cabinet support is asked. The Yomiuri asks a follow-up question to respondents who give a vague response. Pollees who do not give a clear response are asked the following follow-up question once: “If you had to say [whether you support the cabinet or not], would you say yes or no?” This follow-up question has consistently been asked in telephone-based opinion polls conducted during the current and past administrations.


The Nikkei also uses a similar method.


The responses to the follow-up question are added to the cabinet support rate and the nonsupport rate [with no distinction made between the responses to the original cabinet-support question and those made to the follow-up question]. Polls that do not ask a follow-up question do not have this addition.


Driven by high hopes for the new cabinet, the cabinet support rate tended to be high in the polls conducted after the launch of the Suga team.



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