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Japan to reopen border to long-term visitors from all countries 

  • September 24, 2020
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All national dailies wrote that the GOJ is planning to reopen Japan’s border as early as next month to foreign nationals who have permission to stay in Japan for three months or longer while limiting the number of such visitors to 1,000 people per day. Under the eased border restrictions, Japan will allow people from around the world who have medium- to long-term residence status, including business people, trainees, students, and artists, to enter the country on the condition they test negative for COVID-19 at their ports of entry and self-quarantine for two weeks after arrival. The easing of restrictions will not apply to tourists. The government is planning to make a final decision on the new rules after assessing the infection situation. 


Nikkei speculated that the GOJ is hoping that the eased entry restrictions will help revitalize the Japanese economy, which has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak, by allowing foreign trainees and technical professionals to enter the country. The paper noted that the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan and European business organizations sent a joint letter to the GOJ in August saying that the entry restrictions are discouraging foreign companies from investing in Japan.  

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