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Young LDP lawmakers backing Suga

  • September 18, 2020
  • , Nikkei evening edition , p. 2
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Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga was a core member of the Abe administration over its long tenure. Nonetheless, it would have been difficult for him to become president of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) without solid backing from within the party. Suga did have a group of politicians behind him. Thanks to their support, five out of the seven LDP factions backed Suga in the presidential election. 


The Suga group consists of 30 to 40 lawmakers. They have carried out their activities quietly until recently. In addition to Suga’s unfavorable view of faction politics, it would have been unwise to invite speculation that Suga was trying to gather forces against then Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.


One of the main sub-groups within Suga’s support group is “Ganesha no kai.” Its organizers include Tomohiro Yamamoto and Manabu Sakai, whose constituency is in Kanagawa Prefecture like Suga. The members of Ganesha no kai have the following characteristics in common: They have been elected to the Lower House four times or fewer, don’t belong to a faction, and don’t have parents who were politicians.


The new administration’s economic minister Hiroshi Kajiyama, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Manabu Sakai (Ganesha no kai), and Special Advisor to the Prime Minister in Charge of Economy and Foreign Affairs Masashi Adachi (Upper House) are “Suga group” members. (Abridged)


Members who gathered on Aug. 31 and Sept. 1 to urge Suga to run for the LDP presidency

Lower House: About 15 people*

(Ganesha group)  

Upper House: About 10 people

(No group name)

Manabu Sakai (elected: 4 times; age: 55)

Shinpei Matsushita (elected: 3 times; age: 54)

Ryosei Tanaka (4 times; 56)

Masashi Adachi (2 times; 60)

Tomohiro Yamamoto (4 times; 45)

Dai Shimamura (2 times; 60)

Masatoshi Akimoto (3 times; 45)

Yoshifumi Tsuge (2 times; 74)

Masaki Ogushi (3 times; 54)

Junko Mihara (2 times; 56)

Hitoshi Kikawada (3 times; 49)

Shingo Miyake (2 times; 58)

Hiromichi Kumada (3 times; 56)

Masamune Wada (2 times; 45)

Nobuhide Takemura (3 times: 48)

Kentaro Asahi (1 time; 44)

Hideyuki Tanaka (3 times; 50)

Katsumi Ogawa (1 time; 69)

Hisayuki Fujii (3 times; 49)

Shuko Sonoda (UH, 1 time; LH, 1 time; 63)

Tsuyoshi Hoshino (3 times; 57)

Masayuki Tokushige (1 time; 58)

Hidehiro Mitani (2 times; 44)


Tetsuya Kimura (1 time; 51)


Yasushi Hosaka (1 time; 46)


*Lower House member Hideki Makihara was also scheduled to join.

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