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Okinawa governor rejects Kono’s stance of linking economic development with base issues

  • September 25, 2020
  • , Ryukyu Shimpo
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Ryukyu Shimpo wrote that during a prefectural assembly session on Thursday, Okinawa Governor Tamaki commented on Okinawa Affairs Minister Kono’s remark last week that the economic development of Okinawa is linked with the prefecture’s hosting of U.S. bases. The governor reportedly stated that the GOJ has consistently explained that it implements measures to assist Okinawa’s development in a comprehensive and systematic manner by giving consideration to Okinawa’s unique historical, geographic, and social conditions, including its experience as a battlefield in WWII, remote location from the Japanese mainland, and hosting of numerous U.S. military facilities. Tamaki insisted that the prefectural government’s understanding is that the economic development is not connected to base issues. The governor added that he will continue to promote the development of the local economy while seeking to reduce the base-hosting burden on the prefecture by working closely with the Suga administration. He expressed hope to hold talks with Prime Minister Suga in Tokyo in the near future.

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