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Japan to propose new export control framework for advanced technology 

  • September 27, 2020
  • , Nikkei
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Sunday’s Nikkei wrote that the GOJ is mulling the idea of proposing to the United States as well as Germany and several other European nations the idea of establishing a new export control framework with the aim of preventing advanced technology such as AI and quantum computing from being used for military purposes. The paper wrote that the idea is intended to swiftly restrict exports of such technology through close cooperation between the nations participating in the new framework in view of China’s attempts to beef up its military power with private sector technology. The paper wrote that although there are already several multilateral export control regimes, including the Wassenaar Arrangement, it usually takes time for them to build consensus among their several dozen members. According to the paper, Japan is planning to only propose the establishment of a new framework to nations that possess advanced technology so that its members can swiftly decide which items should be restricted when issues arise. 

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