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Gist of teleconference between Suga and Xi

The following is the gist of Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s teleconference with Chinese leader X Jinping on Sept. 25.


[Japan-China relationship]


Chinese leader Xi Jinping: I would like to continue to develop our ties with Japan.


Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga: Stable ties between Japan and China are extremely indispensable not only to the two countries but also to the region as well as the international community. We should fulfill our responsibilities together.


Suga, Xi pledged close cooperation in dealing with a range of bilateral, regional and international issues through high-level discussions, including talks between the two leaders.


Suga: Japan is concerned about the situation in the East China Sea with a focus on waters around the Senkaku Islands. We look forward to discussions on the Hong Kong issue as well.


[North Korea]

Suga, Xi pledged their continued cooperation in dealing with North Korea on issues including the abductions.




Suga, Xi pledged to work together via various channels and to continue talks to realize the early resumption of visits to each other’s country by business people.

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