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China administers unproven coronavirus vaccines to 350,000 people

Nikkei reported from Beijing that it has learned from local media reports that China has injected at least 350,000 people with coronavirus vaccines that are still undergoing clinical trials. The paper wrote that although the vaccines are being provided on an emergency basis to those who need to travel abroad, including businessmen and students, and the recipients have so far reported no significant side effects, there are concerns about the safety of such vaccines.


The paper claimed that there are several cases of state-owned enterprises shouldering the costs of vaccinations for employees stationed in countries involved in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and many diplomats and health care workers have received the vaccines as well. However, the nations hosting people who have received vaccines that are still under development do not provide special treatment, such as exemptions from the self-quarantine requirement. An executive of the state-run company Sinopharm told the Chinese media in mid-September that 350,000 people have received the emergency vaccination.

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