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Suga rallies support from LDP coalition partner Komeito

Prime Minister and Liberal Democratic Party President Yoshihide Suga hailed the cooperation between the LDP and coalition partner Komeito at the Komeito party convention on Sunday.


“Komeito petitions the government based on the voices of the people. I ardently applaud such politics,” Suga said at the convention. Komeito leader Natsuo Yamaguchi stressed his “determination to fully support the Suga Cabinet in its efforts to promote reforms from the perspective of the people.”


Suga has had close ties with senior members of Komeito’s primary support base, Buddhist group Soka Gakkai, since his time as chief cabinet secretary in the administration of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.


Suga is thought to have played a role in halting the early dissolution of the House of Representatives in light of Komeito’s opposition to the move.


A senior Komeito party member said there are hopes in the party that there will be a dramatic improvement in Yamaguchi’s relationship with the new prime minister compared to that which he shared with Abe. Yamaguchi had lunch with the former prime minister on a regular basis but there was said to be no chemistry between the two party leaders during the Abe administration.


Policies for digital reform and insurance coverage for infertility treatment promoted by Suga have also been advocated by Komeito.


“At the request of Komeito, we want to make insurance coverage [for infertility treatment] available as soon as possible,” Suga said at the convention, prompting a burst of applause.


During the period of the Abe Cabinet, Komeito was often forced to make difficult choices in relation to policies linked to such issues as national security.


Because Suga and Komeito share similar policy lines, there is a risk that the party will be “buried in the administration without receiving credit,” a Komeito official said.

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