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Public support for Suga Cabinet exceeds 70%

TBS reported at noon on the results of its weekend survey of Cabinet support. Public support for the Suga Cabinet reportedly rose 8.3 points from last month to 70.7%, and nonsupport fell 12.0 points to 24.2%. The network said that although the results cannot be easily compared because the survey methods were different, this is the fourth highest public approval rating following the launch of a cabinet since 1994. With regard to the newly appointed ministers who will be in charge of Suga’s signature policies, 63% said they have high expectations for Administrative Reform Minister Kono and 47% said they have high expectations for Digital Reform Minister Hirai. As many as 73% of respondents expressed hope for an expansion of health insurance to cover fertility treatment, and 83% said they have high hopes for a reduction in mobile phone charges by about 40%. Meanwhile, 51% said Suga’s refusal to nominate six scholars as members of the Science Council of Japan was not appropriate, while 24% said it was. In addition, 51% said Suga does not need to dissolve the Lower House for a snap election until the end of his term, followed by those who said he should do so in the first half of next year, the second half of next year, or sometime within the year. 

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