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  • October 14, 2020
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Most networks gave top coverage to reports that the discount rate for travel under the “Go To Travel” campaign will be reverted to 35% as early as this morning after the MLIT announced yesterday that it will allocate additional funding for the campaign. Fuji TV led with a report that Apple unveiled the iPhone 12 on Tuesday. 


Top stories in national dailies included the Supreme Court’s dismissal of a claim by a nonregular worker that her company should pay her the same bonuses and retirement benefits as regular employees (Asahi, Sankei); a plan by Nippon Steel to realign its overseas manufacturing bases, including two factories in the United States (Yomiuri); an interview with Industry Minister Kajiyama, in which he discussed a plan to make recycled energy Japan’s main power source (Nikkei); and GOJ payments of 1.3 trillion yen to general incorporated associations for the four-year period through fiscal 2018 (Mainichi). 

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