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U.S., Japan launch discussions on host nation support

  • October 16, 2020
  • , Nikkei
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Nikkei wrote that the governments of the United States and Japan began on Thursday working-level discussions on Japan’s share of the cost of hosting U.S. forces for five years starting in fiscal 2021. The paper wrote that senior officials in charge of defense and foreign affairs are scheduled to hold discussions via videoconference through Friday, speculating that Washington and Tokyo will enter intensive negotiations after the presidential election in November. The paper wrote that the GOJ is hoping to reflect the agreement it reaches with the United States in its draft budget for fiscal 2021 that will be compiled in December with the goal of having the Diet approve the new accord by the end of March. However, the government is also considering reaching a one-year provisional agreement for fiscal 2021 if it becomes difficult for the two nations to reach an agreement by the end of this year.


Asahi and Sankei also reported on the start of the bilateral discussions. Asahi wrote that although Japan is prepared to hold substantial negotiations after the presidential election, the future of the talks is unclear in light of the host nation support talks between the United States and South Korea that have become prolonged due to a large gap between the two countries.

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